Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What are Psychic Abilities?

What makes Psychic Powers Work?

Telepathy is the communication between two minds via non-verbal means. Clairvoyance is the ability to get visions of events taking place elsewhere in the world. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects remotely without physical intervention. Channeling is the ability to mediate communication between the living and the dead. And the list can go on. We can talk til we are blue in the face about all the different kinds of abilities out there, and our theories about how they work, but in the end, what are they?

Science has been looking in to psychic phenomena for decades, if not centuries, and the general consensus is, that it's not real. The primary reason for this is two fold, as I've found.

The first and likely most important is, reproducibility. Psychic phenomena, like all supernatural phenomena that are tested here in the west, commonly lack reliable means of being repeated again and again, as science demands for proper testing. Until then, science cannot accept something that could be chalked up to a fluke.

The second is establishing an acceptable theory behind these phenomena. Currently, because of the brain being the center of our attention in science; science looks to the brain and it's physical components for areas that are dedicated to these phenomena. But no physical area has been detected to be the source of either the sending of receiving of these effects. So therefore if there is no station in the brain to do it, it must not be actually occurring.

To put it another way, if it does not repeatedly adhere to their physical theory of the world, then they wont accept it. But the phenomena itself persists, digging into the sides of the scientists who oppose it, until like good little soldiers they are, rise to fight. They can't very well let something stand that might challenge the status-quo, and with inquiring minds at their back demanding a rebuttal, they default. It's the mind playing tricks on them, mental illnesses and delusion, or their favorite when the odds are against them, “It's chance!”.

As simple of an argument that it is, claiming it's chance, it does sadly fit. After all, there is a lack of repeatability within testing, so chance alone may account for the statistical hits and misses. Although that is only when the bare and blunt results of these tests are weighed. I could probably bash science, or more accurately scientists; because it's not science itself that holds the bias; all day for overlooking a set of real phenomena just because it doesn't adhere to their standards. Even though quantum physics doesn't either, but that doesn't challenge their beliefs in the world as stringently. I wont though. Because the fault doesn't fall completely on their shoulders.

Many try and train to acquire these abilities, and so they practice and practice and practice. Trying to hone the sharpness of the skill, refining it, polishing it. But when the time comes to call on it, it's not always there. You end up feeling tired and worn out, maybe even a little board, or perhaps nervous given the circumstances, and it's not always there. Why is that?

I can only give you speculation at this point based on what I have read regarding these tests, and the participants in them. There seems to be two types of people that get tested for these abilities. The haves, and the have nots. Far, far more people who are tested are in the second category of the have nots, then the first. What the haves have is not the ability to perform these supernatural feats, where the have nots don't and think they do. What the have nots actually lack, is the power. Energy might actually be a more fitting word, though.

Like anything else you do, it requires fuel to perform. Now energy in this sense is far more then mere fuel, but in this instance, we will look at it as such. Most of those capable of repeatedly performing these supernatural feats are chi masters. You know, qigong, kung fu, tai chi, yin and yang, those sorts of masters? Anyways, the other group is more of less the average joe who tries to practice honing the skill, but neglects the fuel that powers it. These masters train to not only hone the skill, but to store the power, or energy needed to fuel it, within themselves. Because of this, they not only have the skill to perform these miraculous feats, but also the energy needed to accomplish them, so they get far more consistent, and frankly impressive results.

Most who are interested in training for these psychic abilities are invested in this new age movement, which over emphasizes the mind as this end all be all thing, that requires nothing more than some exercise in visualization to strengthen the ability. This exercise may improve the vividness and accuracy of these phenomena, but it doesn't improve the frequency or potency of them.

Telepathy, as an example, is information transference from one mind to another. But what does this information ride on? What medium does it use to get from point A to point B? Of course you know where I am going with this, it's energy. When it comes down to these abilities like telepathy or telekinesis, it's energy that powers them. When trying to accomplish either of these two abilities, your body will only use the excess energy that it has on hand to try and do so, and unless pushed, which is dangerous, will not allow you to exceed past this extra energy.

Most of your energy is dedicated to keeping your body healthy, so in most cases, these abilities can only be achieved when extra energy is acquired, and most people don't have an excess of energy. It is because of this that you get the unpredictability of psychic or supernatural phenomena under tests. They burn up the excess energy over the first round of tests, leaving them empty and struggling to reproduce results. Which also happens to look very bad for the testers.

Again this is usually the opposite for energy masters, as most of their efforts are spent not on training up these skills, although they do, but on saving up mass amounts of energy. So they have plenty of energy to work with for a while. The draw back is, they put a great deal of effort into saving up this energy, like money in a bank account, and therefore might have some reservations about letting it go for what might be deemed as parlor tricks.

But to sum up, all psychic or supernatural phenomena require energy to be performed or perceived, which explains why these testers aren't consistently hitting high scores, and why psychic and supernatural abilities aren't getting the appropriate attention they deserve. I see a lot of people sitting down and trying to move objects to no avail, and work with telepathy, or clairvoyance, etc. showing no fruit for their labors because they believe that you need some special practice or technique, while neglecting the most basic and most important part.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed.