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Famous Psychics in History

A List of World Famous Psychics

This is a short list of some of the more famous and renowned psychics from our history, to modern day.  It is by no means a complete list, but more so serves as a highlight with the name, and a short description.  I recommend to all who read this to do their own research.  It’s very important when dealing with a controversial subject such as Psychics to do some research yourself.  Besides, it’s more fun to actually see some of these psychics perform, or better yet, have your own psychic experience!

Lydia Clar

A psychic since childhood, Lydia Clar was an avid believer that each of us which had such a gift should develop the skill and use it to help others. She inspired many psychics to delve into their abilities more, most notably, John Edwards, from the famous medium show, "Crossing Over". Lydia practiced many arts in the psychic field, including, Tarot readings, Numerology, Yoga and Psychometry.

Micki Dahne

Likely one the most famous psychics, Micki Dahne has been featured on numerous television shows, magazines and articles. Micki’s mother, was a psychic herself, which gave Micki a rare opportunity to grow up in an unrestricting environment, allowing her psychic abilities to flourish. She also apparently gives psychic readings to some famous people, but unfortunately, she wont say who they are.

Allison Dubois

Allison Dubios is an author and medium, having helped law enforcement in several cases all over America. She prefers the term medium over psychic because psychic is viewed negatively by many, (unfortunately). She first realized her medium abilities at the age of 6. Later in her life, she wrote a book titled “Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye”, which from it, spun a television series called “Medium”, ironically enough.

Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann, like Allison, prefers a different term over psychic, such as “Consciousness Researcher”. He is likely best known for his remote viewing skills, as well as the one who developed the most refined process used for remote viewing. Having done several experiments with Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ. Unfortunately, the findings within the experiment are highly controversial.  Despite the controversy, both Targ and Puthoff expressed their belief that Ingo Swann had a genuine psychic ability

Derek Acorah

A famous English medium, best known for his work on the television series “Most Haunted”, though his television work is not limited to just that. He has had several shows in which he’s hosted, such as “Psychic LiveTime”, “The Psychic Zone” and “Predictions with Derek Acorah”. Also an author of several books as well. Derek has met his share of controversy over his abilities, even at one point where he was caught faking. But he is still revered by many.

Sylvia Browne

Is an author, who’s subject matter specifically retains to psychics, mediums and spirituality. She is likely the most controversial psychic around, next to Geller. She has been featured on many television shows for her supposed abilities. I will openly admit, I don’t believe her psychic abilities are genuine, but nevertheless she is known as one, so she fit’s the subject matter of this post. She has even opened a church called ‘Novus Spiritus’. She has also been convicted of charges for Investment Freud, and Grand theft. Wow, no wonder Ingo and Allison don’t like the term Psychic…

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce is an American psychic, who channels answers from beyond. Many even believe he is the founder of the “New Age Movement”, even though he was a devout Christian. Hundreds of books have been written on him since his passing, and some even consider him to be a prophet of sorts. He also has had his share of skeptics taking their shot at him, as they so love to do… He is related closely to Atlantis and his readings about it.

John Edward

John Edward is an American Psychic medium and easily one of the most famous psychics in the world.  Most people know him by his show, ‘Crossing over with John Edward’ in which he features his talent for communicating on behalf of the dead.  Interestingly enough, it was another psychic by the name of Lydia Clar that told him when he was younger, that he would be a world famous psychic.  I admit, I did not believe John Edward to be a genuine psychic for a long time.  That has now changed, since I looked into him and his ability a bit more.  As like many of the others, John has met his share of skepticism, and criticism, as well as blatant attacks against his character.

Uri Geller

Most people have heard of the Israeli British psychic, Uri Geller, as like many, he has been around on several television shows, magazines and articles. Most known for his psychokinetic ability to bend spoons with the power of his mind, he is also known for dowsing and telepathy. He has met his fair share of skepticism though, I personally am not sure. I have seen evidence where he could have faked it, as well as footage that seemed genuine. Geller swept over the world and is likely one of the most famous, much of which though, can be credited to the controversy over his abilities.

Nina Kulagina

Nina Kulagina is personally my favorite. Not only do I believe her to be genuine, but I also believe she is one of the very few in which has yet to be successfully debunked. She is most known for her psychokinetic, or telekinetic ability to move small objects. Unlike most of the above, Nina has gone through scrutinous testing and experiments to determine whether or not she was the real deal. To this day, they have not been able to figure out how she was able to do the things she did. Some of the things she did besides move small objects, was, start or stop the beating of a frogs heart, separate the yoke from an egg, and effect the heart rate of a living person, all without physical contact from a short distance.


Likely the most famous psychic of all time. Nostradamus was a French apothecary, and renowned seer. Famous for his many predictions, and most of all, the end of days. The wording in his predictions where vague and roundabout, giving details in a colorful, even story telling manner. Today, because of that, his prophecies are looked at with doubt. Because of the obscurity of the prophecies, it leaves room for interpretation, which was a style oracles used to use. Though, beyond that, Nostradamus is still highly revered to this day for his prophecies. There is even a show on the History Channel called, “The Nostradamus Effect”, in which they explore the meaning to his prophecies and if/how they tie to the modern day.

The last here is for Humor purposes only

James Randi

Anyone who deals with anything outside of our of societies norm, has likely heard of the stage magician turned paranormal debunker, James Randi. Known as the hardest skeptic in the world, he thrives on tearing apart the fakes and exposing them to the world. But James has another life, one secreted away, hidden behind the skeptics smile, and headstrong debunking. He is in fact….

The most powerful psychic in the World!

Able to look into your very soul with a single glance. He can find your deepest fears and feed them to you! Attempted to debunk Geller, only because he was weak by comparison, Randi can actually bend 40 spoons! With a single thought!  He even knows what your thinking, before you do! He’s that good….

So, if you see him in a dark alley, late at night, run the other way, and hope he doesn’t take control of your mind and make you dance naked in the streets… while throwing poop at people…

You’ve been warned….

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